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Q&A with Adam Machanic - Who's Afraid of SQLCLR by Jonathan Kehayias

You could almost hear the gasps of horror when Microsoft integrated the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) into SQL Server 2005. Run C# or VB.NET code inside SQL Server? For many database developers and administrators, it was like an alien had just burst through SQL Server’s midsection.

But SQL Server MVP Adam Machanic says that more and more developers and DBAs are discovering that far from destroying SQL Server performance and security, SQLCLR is actually a powerful ally in solving complex business and technical problems.

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SQLCLR String Splitting Part 2: Even Faster, Even More Scalable by Site Administrator

SQL Server MVP Adam Machanic shows a new way of parsing strings in SQL Server using SQLCLR that outperforms all conventional TSQL methods, as well as the most common SQLCLR implemenations, using a custom split function that allows streaming of the results.

Trading in xp_cmdshell for SQLCLR (Part 1) - List Directory Contents by Jonathan Kehayias

Learn how to use SQLCLR to get file system information instead of using xp_cmdshell on your SQL Servers.


Contribute to this Site - Saturday, April 05, 2008

I have updated the Articles and Examples Modules on this site, and they now allow any registered user to login and create publications for display on this site.  For instructions about how to contribute to this site please see:

How to Contribute to SQLCLR.net

Help build this site - Thursday, April 03, 2008

If you have content that you think others would benefit from, or would be interested in helping gather content to make this site a success, please feel free to email me.

Since one of the goals of this site is to ecourage community contributions, all content contributions should include the authors name and a web url if applicable.



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